Nostrum of Bb cough dietotherapy takes away the world of cate of _ of don’t mention it

Nostrum of Bb cough dietotherapy takes away don’t mention it

2016-10-26 16:36:40

When average baby has bit of cold, cough, mom always hope the method that adopts dietotherapy will help darling alleviate. But, the account that darling coughs is different, the method of dietotherapy also is different, mom should notice to distinguish!

1, wind heats up cough

Wind heats up cough basically is caused, expression goes out for calorific sweat, tears drifting chaotic, phlegmy yellow sticky stiff, cough not quite easily, thick be bored with of glossal red liver mosses, drink of thirsty happy event, pee yellow bare, defecate is dry.

This kind of circumstance eats aptly a few have clear lung expectorant relieve a cough the food of action.


Rock candy of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb stews Xue Li

Dietotherapy nostrum

Pear of snow of rock candy of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb

After snow pear gross is abluent, the positional transversely in upside 1/3 one knife, the part above serves as ” cap ” , the share below goes nucleus, join tendril-leaved fritillary bulb, rock candy, build again on ” cap ” , had sealed with toothpick. Put Xue Li into the handleless cup that stew, stew with medium baking temperature probably 20 minutes OK.

The turnip puts syrup on the ice

Bailuo predicts juice 100-200 milliliter, add rock candy right amount lie between water to stew change, let darling be drunk, use consecutively 3-5 second.

The Bailuo that boil predicts water

Bai Luobo cuts 4-5 chip, put pannikin inside, increase half bowls of water, small fire of the reoccupy after be being burned boils 5 minutes can. This kind of method is little to doing pharynx dry, dry cough nasally phlegmy effect is more apparent.

Juice of pear of very light blue

Very light blue needs 7 repeatedly, pear 1, rock candy is right amount, water simmer in water is taken.

Water of water chest nut

2-3 slice of flay of water chest nut, put pannikin inside, add a bowl of water, boil 5 minutes can. Sex of water chest nut is cold, this dietotherapy square OK and expectorant, clear heat, thick to heating up sexual cough to spit phlegmy circumstance effect is better.

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