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Eat yam raw peptic

2014-07-27 08:52:41

Guide language: A lot of people like to eat pachyrhizus raw, very few however somebody can eat yam raw. Actually, yam contains a large number of amylase and saccharification amylase, can help aid digestion.

People has the habit that has virgin soil melon, but have those who eat yam raw rarely. Look from dietetics angle, this is full of prunes. Pachyrhizus is eaten raw very sweet, because this people is willing to eat raw, pachyrhizus contains a lot of starch, but its itself is not contained corresponding enzymatic kind. After eating raw, a large number of gas produce inside the abdomen, cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, accentuation is dyspeptic.

Yam and pachyrhizus rather, although yam also contains many starch, but the mucus in its section is medium at the same time, contain a large number of amylase and saccharification amylase. If eat raw, can digest oneself starch not only, and also can digest the other starch that absorbs at the same time at the same time, after eating, feel gastric bowel is particularly free from worry.

Eat yam raw peptic

Notable is, the amylase in yam is afraid of heat, after heating accordingly enzymatic be destroyed namely, eat ability raw to have such effect only. Accordingly, once feel dyspeptic, can handle yam clean in that way like draft fruit, eat a few raw, can help aid digestion, might as well try.

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