Exceed desert of delicate 6 pregnant woman fastfood health crosses the world of pregnancy _ cate

Exceed desert of delicate 6 pregnant woman fastfood health crosses pregnancy

2016-09-21 16:50:05

One, head of fossa of milk food grains other than wheat and rice

Cookbook raw material:

Corn face 130 grams, wholemeal 30 grams, bucket wheat flour 20 grams, oaten pink 20 grams, white sugar 40 grams, yeasty 4 grams, milk 150 grams, go nuclear red jujube is right amount.

Technology practice: Evaporate.

Match dish special administrative area: ; of hot food of; of pregnant woman cookbook is Lenten.

Cookbook apanage: Northeast dish.

The method that make:

1, will put into container except all material beyond red jujube, mix is even.

2, knead a group, put warm place to ferment to 1 times big.

3, break up the dough that has fermented 8 divide into equal parts.

4, the fossa head that holds pagoda form, coping uses red jujube ornament.

5, place the steamed bread of corn that has done bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food, in be being put into the boiler that burns, build severe boiler shell, use flourishing fire steam 15 minutes can.

Healthy clew:

Milk nutrition value is high, contain a lot ofcalcic, phosphor, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum to wait, have the effect such as filling calcium. This cookbook is delicate nutrition, can adjust alvine line function, gravid to pregnant woman medium, terminal constipation has alleviate wonderfully action.

2, doughboy of glutinous corn vegetable

Cookbook raw material:

Bright glutinous corn 1, carrot half, xianggu mushroom 2, dry flour 2 spoon, essence of onion powder, black sesame seed, salt, chicken each are right amount.

Technology practice: Evaporate.

Match dish special administrative area: ; of hot food of; of pregnant woman cookbook is Lenten.

Cookbook apanage: Dish of another name for Guangdong Province.

The method that make:

1, use corn brush silk implement brush Cheng Rong, carrot and Xianggu mushroom chop become end.

2, in putting all raw material the bowl, mix is even.

3, knead a circle with the hand. Take a tray, skin of the corn on the shop end dish, put the corn a round mass of food that has made on corn skin, evaporate 15 minutes.

4, right amount clear water is entered in frying pan or soup-stock, add a few medlar to be burned, put essence of life of right amount chicken, tick off thin Gorgon euryale, on the corn a round mass of food with be irrigated good in evaporate can.

Healthy clew:

Corn nutrition value is high, outside containing a lot ofcarbohydrate, protein, adipose, carotene, riboflavin, have reduce human body cholesterol, prevent cancer to refuse cancer, auxiliary treatment the effect of a variety of diseases. This cookbook is delicate nutrition, suit the edible when early pregnancy have a poor appetite.

3, cake of kidney bean of sea liver mosses coils

Cookbook raw material:

Advocate makings: The egg is clear 210 grams, wheaten flour 100 grams

Complementary makings: Tower tower pink 2 grams, kidney bean 100 grams, laver (work) 10 grams, groundnut (unripe) 25 grams

Condiment: Salt 2 grams, bai Sha candy 80 grams, salad sauce 30 grams

Technology practice: Bake.

Match dish special administrative area: ; of pregnant woman cookbook heats up the practice with dish fastfood; .

Cookbook apanage: Dish of another name for Guangdong Province.

The method that make:

1. takes one agitate crock to reach mix dozen implement, wipe clean reserve to extremelying He Shui and oily cent;

2. albumen joins tower tower pink to mix with middling speed come a fine bubble;

What 3. joins 2/3 is fine saccharic, salt is hit to fine saccharic and deliquescent; at mixing in albumen

1/3 of 4. general the rest is fine saccharic in joining egg white, mix hit to wet sex to slant drying is epispastic;

In egg white is being joined after sift out of flour of 5. low muscle, mix gently divide evenly becomes; of cake body panada

6. is taken bake dish, at the white paper on in-house and rock-bottom shop, enter cake body panada and wipe smooth, put oven to be baked with 190 ℃ about 20 minutes;

7. kidney bean float is ripe reserve;

8. takes out the cake body that has baked to buckle Yu Bai paper to go up, scatter bottom white paper to wait for cooling;

9. falls with beautiful one look out, other one side is wiped on salad sauce, shop Shanghai liver mosses piece;

10. places kidney bean with the means of 5 one fasciculus, at among crowded on salad sauce is scattered on earthnut pink;

11. is in about 2 centimeters at begin part shallow cut one knife (do not cut off) , reoccupy rolling pole the rod furls its and white paper together can.

Healthy clew:

Hai Tai’s advantage is in not only nutrient respect, its sanitarian effect makes a person more commend.

British researcher is in on 90 time discover the century Hai Tai can kill cancer cell, enhance immune power. What Hai Taizhong contains alga bravery albumen to have fall the blood sugar, application foreground that fights tumor, among them polysaccharide is had fight consenescence, fall the hematic fat, live thing that fights the many sided such as tumor is active. The alga protein that contains in Haitai is acerbity, still conduce to the metal that noxiousness leads inside cleared human body, wait like strontium and cadmium. Medical treatment personnel still develops the marine remedy that has distinctive active and health food from inside Haitai, can prevent nerve ageing effectively, adjust the metabolism of airframe. In addition, hai Tai can prevent and treat digestibility ulcer, defer consenescence, help lady maintains cutaneous lubricant health. Folk still has the folk prescription that often lets postpartum woman eat some of laver, have the apparent effect that urge breast allegedly.

4, a thick soup of yoghurt tremella fruit

Cookbook raw material:

Advocate makings: Yoghurt 250 grams, yangtao 250 grams, tremella (work) 100 grams, papaya 100 grams, apple 100 grams, pear 100 grams

Condiment: Rock candy 50 grams

Technology practice: Mix.

Match dish special administrative area: ; of pregnant woman cookbook heats up the practice with dish fastfood; .

Cookbook apanage: Dish of another name for Guangdong Province.

The method that make:

1. washs tremella clean bubble to leave with Wen Shui, rip flake;

On fire of park of 2. small stockpot, add right amount water, put boil tremella stiff shape, midway joins rock candy, cool; is put after been boil

3. all cuts yangtao, Chinese flowering quince, apple, pear man, put into rock candy tremella, join yoghurt to had mixed finally can edible.

Healthy clew:

Tremella has ” lung of strong choice, filling kidney, embellish, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, relieve a cough, clear heat, raise stomach, filling spirit, and blood, strong heart, strong the result of body, filling head, life-giving ” . Regard nutrition as tonic, the person that it applies to child of all Fu of the old and weak and empty of ill rear body, still have Fu Zhengjiang strong action, commonly used wait for disease at treating senile and chronic tracheitis, to hypertensive, hemal sclerotic patient, particularly appropriate. In recent years medicine considers to return a proof, from a variety of carbohydrate material that the depart in tremella comes out, also have apparent inhibition to malignant tumor. Mufti tremella soup, return the effect that can have tender skin hairdressing.

5, egg roll of sesame seed flesh

Cookbook raw material:

Pig tenderloin flesh 150 grams, egg 3, white sesame seed 20 grams, refined salt, soy, gourmet powder, green, ginger, flour is burnt, amylaceous, ripe lardy, cooking wine is right amount.

Technology practice: Scamper.

Match dish special administrative area: ; of pregnant woman cookbook heats up dish; meat dishes.

Cookbook apanage: Plain dish.

The method that make:

1. cuts green, Jiang Xi into broken end completely first, put tenderloin flesh cut in the bowl into fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit again, add onion powder, Jiang Mo, gourmet powder, refined salt, cooking wine, soy, egg 1, energetically of agitate divide evenly becomes tenderloin meat stuffing.

2. is the 2 eggs break up of the others again in small bowl, add sail upstream amylaceous, refined salt, put into the booth in boiler to become skin of 3 pieces of eggs.

3. opens upper berth of on record of egg Pi Fang, superpose of tenderloin meat stuffing, roll into the heal after form egg flesh coils, wipe outside above paper and dip in on sesame seed.

Put in 4. boiler lardy burn to 6 into heat, devoted egg flesh coils scamper comes golden yellow fish out, cut paragraph piece can edible.

Healthy clew:

Egg nutrition value is high, contain a lot ofhigh grade protein, vitamin and iron, phosphor to wait a variety of mineral, have the effect that method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood enrichs the blood. This cookbook is delicate nutrition, can help pregnant woman be good at lienal aid digestion, eliminate accumulate sluggish, alleviate pregnancy is abdominal distension.

Stem from health and safe consideration, the food of accurate mom chooses to also should take care all the more, above cate of a few pregnant woman, nutrition is rich and delicate and goluptious, accurate Mom can be at ease eat.

What should remind everybody finally is, in whole pregnancy, darling grows in what keep development, no matter this period is accurate mom or darling, very tall to the demand of nutrient element. So, appreciate for the health of oneself and darling, compensatory nutrition should be perforative whole pregnancy. Make sure besides diet nutrition is balanced outside, proper additional complement also is necessary, for the health of prospective darling, want on the choice of relevant product particularly discreet, because the product of old brand of a few internationalization is passed old and clinical examine, be worth to trust quite so, if contain a lot ofthe be apt to of 18 kinds of vitamins and microelement to put,wait, it is accurate Mom’s right choice.

6, lotus root of sweet-scented osmanthus of polished glutinous rice

Cookbook raw material:

Advocate makings: Lotus lotus root 800 grams, polished glutinous rice 200 grams

Complementary makings: Lotus leaf 20 grams

Condiment: Bai Sha candy 100 grams, candy sweet-scented osmanthus 40 grams

Technology practice: Boil.

Match dish special administrative area: ; of pregnant woman cookbook heats up the practice with dish fastfood; .

Cookbook apanage: Dish of another name for Guangdong Province.

The method that make:

Pan of 1. polished glutinous rice is clean, make an appointment with 1 hour of; with lukewarm leach bubble

2. lotus root is washed clean, disconnect by the section;

3. cuts a of next lotus root, show lotus root hole, fill good into dip polished glutinous rice, brainpan of section of reoccupy lotus root lives, bamboo autograph inserts firm;

Clear water is entered inside 4. boiler, put lotus root (the) on day of fill rice opening, flourishing baked wheaten cake opens;

5. clothe is clean lotus leaf, build upper cover, turn to boil 2 hours to leave igneous; about with small fire

6. takes out lotus root air cool, husk, cut 0.8 centimeters thick piece, fold a code to be in dish in;

On fire of flourishing of 7. boiler buy, put clear water to be burned, join white sugar to boil dissolve, cast aside go float foam, turn with small fire;

8. is boiled to when syrup is ropy, join divide evenly of agitate of sweet-scented osmanthus syrup, from igneous air cold;

9. candy paper is irrigated become namely on polished glutinous rice.

Healthy clew:

Pleasant of flavour of unripe lotus root, sex is cold, have clear heat into; of classics of heart, lienal, stomach, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, cool blood, medicinal powder Yu, fill lienal, appetizing, stop the effect of have diarrhoea; advocate treat pyretic irritated thirsty, haematemesis, nosebleeding blood, heat drenchs. ; of pleasant of lukewarm, flavour has sex of ripe lotus root beneficial stomach be good at lienal, raise blood to benefit, unripe flesh, stop the effect; of have diarrhoea result advocate have loose bowels of thirsty, lienal empty, inappetence reachs cough of the heat that treat lung, be agitated all sorts of blood disease.

Saw so much exceed delicate desert practice, pregnant mammy people already dribble, these 6 deserts not only delicious, and still have magical effectiveness!

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