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Increase cate of nutrition of darling appetitive corn!

2016-09-14 10:12:07

Science considers to make clear, in all staple food, the nutrient value of corn and sanitarian action are highest. Cate of a few corn introduces below, not only enough and nutrition is OK increase darling appetite, let little baby have a meal sweeter oh!

Nutrition analyses: Corn contains protein, adipose, amylaceous, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin B1, B2, B6, the composition such as element of skin of nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, carotene, Mongolian oak. Corn oil contains a lot ofthe grease of fatty acid of many not saturated key, it is the depressor that a kind of cholesterol absorbs, to reducing plasma cholesterol and precautionary coronary heart disease have certain effect.

Corn therapeutics: Corn flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth. In can be being moved be good at stomach, diuresis. Use at taste not be good at, inappetence, food decreases; Water wet backwater, pee adverse or oedema; Disease of tall blood fat, coronary heart disease.

One, egg corn a thick soup

Material: Potted corn 160 grams, egg 2, potted dawdle 40 grams, amylaceous 5 grams, milk 100 grams, clean dried mushrooms, cooking wine each 25 grams, bright pea bead 20 grams, refined salt 4 grams, green, Jiang Ge 1 gram.

The method that make: 1, bright pea puts the bubble in hot buck, the bubble in scooping up cold water is cool.

2, fry boiler to burn heat, cheer with boiler of stir-fry before stewing of green, ginger, cooking wine.

3, enter pea, dawdle, winter bamboo shoots, a bit after braise, add water, enter corn, egg, milk and salt, starch is joined to tick off Gorgon euryale after boil can.

2, a thick soup of 3 little corn

Material: Tender corn bead 50 – 100 grams, xian Bei cuts Xiaoding 25 grams, ham diced meat 25 grams, ripe chicken is fourth 25 grams, amylaceous and right amount, chicken broth inspects a number and decide.

The method that make: Evaporate of will tender corn is thoroughlied cook sodden, diced meat of as fourth as bright shellfish, ham and chicken are fourth in putting chicken broth again boil 5 minutes in all, tick off starch, after flavorring can edible.

3, corn chop soup

Material: Platoon of costal region of corn, pig, green, ginger.

The method that make: 1. Become chop chop lump, accident is optional.

2. corn flay, go silk, cut paragraphs small.

3. green is cut paragraph, ginger section.

Turn on the water inside 4 arenaceous boiler, put chop bowl inside (if think chop boiling water is some fresher, can drip in water two vinegar) , green, ginger (need not too much 9 can) in putting bowl together, drip a few liquor, ignition, after waiting for the water inside arenaceous boiler to open float of foam having blood to come up hematic foam take out, put corn again, together Bao is made.

Green of the take out after 5. Bao is ripe reachs Jiang Pian, join a few salt to flavor can.

4, corn thin pancake made of millet flour

Material: Corn face, flour, white sugar.

The method that make: 1, the corn face that will wait for a quantity, flour and divide evenly, join right amount white sugar, the attune that use water is become mushy.

2, divide next second put Huo internal pressure to become thin pancake state, with slow fire slowly two sides breaks up bake, wait for two sides decoct is baked to golden color when can edible. This kind of thin pancake made of millet flour is more delicious than what do with pure flour, already the pleasant sweet smell that crisp has corn again.

5, fruit corn salad

Material: Corn bead (new corn bar takes bead or corn can all but) , tomato of lettuce, cherry, cheese.

Flavoring: Olive oil, black peppery.

The method that make: 1. Put corn bead a few salt conflagration are added to be boiled inside boiler.

2. lettuce is cleaned clean, rip flake.

3. cherry tomato from the departure intermediate, cheese cuts into shreds.

Xie He cheese adds tomato of bead of 4. general corn, cherry, lettuce olive oil, black peppery mix divide evenly can.

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