Pregnancy filling calcium is written down sincerely let you choose at 3 o’clock " good " the world of calcic _ cate

Pregnancy filling calcium is written down sincerely let you choose at 3 o’clock " good " calcic

2016-04-11 15:42:51

Guide language: Pregnant mom begins from pregnant metaphase, fetal growth is rapid, pregnant woman needs proper complement calcic agent to satisfy the need of fetal development. The doctor when so pregnant metaphase produces check can remind pregnant mom needs compensatory calcium dose. But pregnant mom goes up to market Lin Lin always total calcic agent, regular meeting does not know how to start, knowing to should have which kind of ability is best to pregnant mom. Want to know filling calcium of pregnancy filling calcium and adult is different, to containing calcium the respect such as quantity, security has higher demand. Must choose pregnancy exclusive calcium tablet so, so how does pregnant woman choose exclusive calcium tablet? Write down sincerely let you choose at 3 o’clock ” good ” calcic.

1, safety of choice calcic source contains calcium to measure tall calcium carbonate preparation

Calcium carbonate is machine extract from ore and come, what the calcium that in comparing starting content skeleton, extracts and marine biology extract is calcic, extract from inside ore delicate and become calcium carbonate is more pure and safe, the environmental pollution that get can reach marine biology than the animal a lot of smaller, security is more reliable, and the quantity containing calcium of calcium carbonate is all calcic sources in highest.

The calcic preparation that we see has very big difference on calcic element content, pregnant mammy does not notice the content of calcic compound only when buy. For example, the calcic element content of calcium carbonate is highest, amount to 40%; and the lowest of calcic element content with dextrose calcic acid, have 9% only. Want to notice the content of actual calcic element in the manual. Take enlighten for calcium tablet of artful carbonic acid, one contains calcium 300 milligram, everyday two impose balanced diet, with respect to demand of filling calcium of OK and contented pregnancy, because take the responsibility of intestines and stomach that cross much tablet and brings about,can reduce pregnant woman.

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