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Strong milk powder not is used ” high water “

2016-02-18 17:46:01

Guide language: Because,have a lot of new mother a variety of reasons, cannot feed the appetite that the mother breeds or mother milk can’t satisfy darling to darling, must use recipe milk powder to darling. Use recipe milk powder, have a problem that uses water to milk powder. Current, as standard of living rise, mineral water, clean water, energy water, magnetization water ” advanced and healthy water ” already walked into each average households. Many people think to use these ” high water ” develop milk powder to certainly can more appropriate darling grows to darling. Is the fact such truly?

Nutrient expert thinks, strong recipe milk powder still had better be tap water, unfavorable with mineral water. Because added mineral water, if add a capacity not bad inside normal limits, if added certain material exceeding an amount artificially, bring the harm such as stone possibly to darling. Because digestive function of infantile intestines and stomach is diseased still, calcium of carbonate, phosphoric acid crosses much metropolis to cause indigestion and constipation.


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