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Spermatozoon is to bear children essential thing, its stand or fall affects offspring directly. Accordingly, the spermatozoon that protects good man is an important thing. We see the thing that we must want to notice in the life below.

The function force …… that environmental pollution reduced male spermatozoon quality, undesirable lifestyle to gobble up his muscle strength, greater and greater pressure to corrode him is causedSpermatozoon quality dropsreason, a few factitious elements in the life cause still have a lot of. In the proof in research, 6 kinds of elements are opposite under the impact of spermatozoon quality is the biggest.

6 kinds of elements that gobble up force of ” of man “ essence are respectively:

   One, high temperature

The needing that a lot of men should loosen sauna chooses content. Actually spermary likes microtherm, its temperature is lower than the normal temperature of human body 2 degrees of ability work normally. Often sauna makes spermary raises high temperature, its metabolization function can appear obstacle, male hormone secretes a quantity to drop badly, spermatozoon amount also can decrease subsequently.

Healthy error correction:

1 shower is given priority to. The man does not suit to often wash hubble-bubble bath, had better give priority to with shower. If bubble bath, water is warm best a few lower, the time of bubble is a bit shorter also.

2 often massage. When bathing or spermary is massaged before sleeping, hold spermary gently with big toe suitable hour hand, anticlockwise each massage 5 minutes, insist for a long time to have profit surely, and what can discover spermary in time when massage is small unusual.

   2, tight pants

The man also wants beautiful sex appeal, the fashion that then sexy briefs, tight jeans becomes a man is necessary. Male division expert puts forward, tight pants makes spermary original ” of not big “ activity space is smaller, arise from this airtight, medicinal powder the problem of hot difference, let spermary work efficiency reduce.

Healthy error correction:

Pants of 1 comfortable garment is optimal choice. No matter on-the-job field still is lived in, can let spermary as far as possible “ loosens ” , more conduce to spermary discharging sweat, medicinal powder hot.

2 sleep correctly appearance. Might as well when Morpheus choice naked sleep, let it breathe freely comfortably, loosen out and out, rest in groove.

  3, alcohol

The man is little not drink, dan Gao bolus does not like, absorb alcohol to be able to make manufacturing spermatozoon and the function that secrete male hormone greatly abate too much, bring about spermary shift to an earlier date anile, function force also can be reduced.

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