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   Accurate mom arrivedPregnant is terminalWhen, psychological activity is very complex, namely excited fear again. Not square calm come down, Pregnant is terminalThe business that need does has a lot of, do not have time ego kink! Pregnant is terminal the note is very essential, arrive from quickening food, sleep appearance, every link isPregnant is terminalBit more crucial. Be born smoothly to assure to hold in the arms mother child restful, terminal and relevant matters concerned must accomplish pregnant.

   8 be pregnant greatly terminal note:
   1, be pregnant terminal quickening: If pregnant is terminal (quickening is more than or be equal to 30/12 hour or be more than or be equal to 4 times / hour) quickening frequency is normal, accurate mother need not worry too much. Quickening frequencyLet time and change. Generally speaking, in the eveningQuickeningMore, morning quickening is less.
   2, pregnant is terminal sleep appearance: Pregnant is terminal and best those who lie in the bed is left, maintain double leg to bend. Celiac side and bed are linked together, safer. One often has the accurate mother with swollen leg, if her side lies to raise a leg, can put pillow or pillow below the leg. This can improve the haemal circulation of leg ministry, reduceFatigue. During be pregnant, avoid to lie on one’s back or lie on his back. Sleep on abdomen, right fetal press with the abdomen of pregnant woman bad; The lie low when late pregnant, the uterus increases can oppressive rachis, block up blood circulates.

   3, Pregnant is terminal bellyacke: Be in gravid and terminal, pregnant woman is in nightly when resting, holiday of meeting factor palace contracts and give now abdomen to ache sometimes, last a few seconds only normally, count a hour continuously. If do not have the feeling that fall, diurnal symptom can be reduced. If pregnant woman feels next abdomens suddenlyPang, the likelihood is premature delivery or uterine burst. Answer to reach a hospital in time, do not get time of incur loss through delay.
   4, Be pregnantTerminal diarrhoea: Once accurate mom appears diarrhoea, main remedy is the water that proper infusion, complement loses because of diarrhoea and electrolyte, observe fetal circumstance and slink sign the quantity of heat that potassium ion, complement loses because of diarrhoea, closely especially.
   5, be pregnant terminal cookbook: To gravid evening, fetal meeting drops the pelvis, pressure of gastric bowel path is little, appetite can rise again. PregnancyThe mother of the 3rd month should increase protein intake, and as far as possible albumen of animal of much ground edible and soja food. We still need to absorb right amount indispensible fatty acid and liver of a few animals to complement iron.

   6, pregnant is terminal oedema: The accurate mom of gravid and terminal oedema should notice food, eat fruit and vegetable more, eat the food with the high volume that contain salt less, conduce to subsidence of a swelling. No matter what the reason of gravid oedema is, medication cannot solve a problem thoroughly. Improve nutrition, increase the protein intake in food, raise the content of the albumin in plasma, change colloid is permeated pressure, in making water returns blood, be necessary.
   7, be pregnant terminal constipation: Gravid and terminal constipation is a kind of normal phenomenon. The mother needs to walk more, move more, drink water more, do not eat a stodge. Can do more anus to carry everyday start campaign, the help exercises muscle group, help bowel path moves, alleviate constipation.

   8, pregnant is terminal breath is short: In gravid later period, because the uterus increases to use force to diaphragm, can make you feelBreath is difficult, breath is short more apparent, especially fetal posture taller or you conceived much embryo. The short breath during be pregnant is not main obstacle and normal phenomenon normally. In daily life, you are OK rein in a bit speed, do not want when move or taking exercise too forcibly. Hold the upper part of the body straight, shoulder backward, lung as far as possible wide, when sitting especially. When you sleep in the evening, if you use a few taller pillow, you can feel better.

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