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Woman most the kongfu on adept bed makes you enrol cannot sustain, Sexual lifeMedium woman is stunner, they in ceaseless attraction the male draws close to them, you had not seen the man of flirting method most propbably on female bed, the woman compares a man sometimes in sexual life more large scale, their indulge in sensual pleasures means can make the male cannot ward off blows, be eliminated finally in endless libidinal ocean, if you miss victory your stunner, with respect to the flirting method that should know them.

1, long term if your disposition has bit of timid and weak-willed,flirt, cannot keep self-confident in social situation quite, so “ is long term ” flirts more appropriate to you, that is to say, tasteful to a certain “ stranger ” at long bowls, shine and give out too plaint sometimes yourself also can encounter this kind of “ long term ” flirts its basiccest form is, someone cries to you: “ alas, beauty of beauties ah ” this person has a paragraph of space from you, make you do not feel to get affront, feel very interesting only, truckman is very happy with it to this kind of practice “ is long term ” flirts very general, because it does not need very great courage, risk coefficient does not want when special canzonet affection rude, your purpose is to make others opens labial smile, is not filled with apprehension, also do not think this kind of practice is a man special, the lady nowadays unlike once upon a time, often can adopt action of this kind of lightning completely to become one day, he canters in the park, and a lady drives to motor or car of open bitter fleabane gallop and pass, cry greatly to him: “ hey, boy! ” car howl and over- , transmit bright laugh, can he feel rusty?

Blame also, he that Dou Meizi in daylong heart of grow data of a research makes clear recently, the woman that the man thinks to be able to flirt has charm more than the woman that does not flirt, so a bit bolder, should believe firmly you won’t leave bad impression to go to others only additional, undertake “ long term the opportunity that ” flirts also should choose appropriate (for example, midnight at 2 o’clock, in the city the ground of a certain dispute walks when, this action is impertinent) .

2, advanced if you are not satisfied at “ ,flirt long term ” flirts, and when wanting to have more permanent communication, can consider following flirting skill: Praiseful action: Compliment object should be the other side directly, and if you say,do not want thing of smooth boast some: I like “ your cravat ” can make that man feels confused, what do not know you like is cravat, still be his this individual, so you should so say: You are wearing “ that cravat is quite cheesy, it makes your eye appears clear all the more ” .

3, the pattern that shows listen with respectful attention often nods commend, after the other side says, you consider one second to because,reply rapidly, you perhaps pay close attention to, below man-to-man circumstance, you consider this what to say more, can lose his balance more, at a loss for word, on the if appear,such awkward silence at an occasion strives for a topic to bring you to had talked content in chatting, and do not begin new topic hastily, rake sth up shows you special to a moment ago talk attention listens, be interested very much, assure a talk thereby can proceed goes down, you always need not be search bowel blows abdomen, search excellent topic to drive a talk.

4, stop in order to if she mentions her car,be helped in the place beyond 8 streets to the other side, and she left special evening again in the evening that day, you can put forward to accompany her to go to if there is pouch of a few large bags on his hand,take a car, you can put forward to take bag of a food for him, if she mentions her to prepare plaster bedroom, the coating that you can suggest she goes can buying petty gain in which inn (perhaps put forward you to also take a brush to give a power) you should show you to be willing to help each other, make he or her life more comfortable, deepen association through this, promotional understanding.

5, doesn’t the circumstance that asks a few targets are specific deliver shallow speech deep, dish the “ of privacy such as of others of probe into bottom, inquire about where you are brought up? Does your love of ” or “ see horror piece? The situation such as ” is relaxed and happy, more appropriate, they show you are willing to understand the other side not to raise “ subject please the serious case of too big ” , be like “ what is your life aim? The glamour with ” optimistic and amiable expression you can allude with him you are in that as dry as a chip insipid he has seen on assembly, you can bring up again last week a topic that she has said, you can tell him you like the hair that he manages newly, you can tell her you how to carefree be charmed is when the laughter that hears her for the first time.

6, 4 eye communication gaze at the eye of the other side to amount to 1 second afore-mentioned, but staring at to death to death removed next look, let the other side time makes clear what you gaze at is he or her (is not the other what person all round) gaze at the other side again next, the road that answers this to the face takes smile to brush a body and go to woman bathhouse too perhaps has several, you can choose can meet on the way with him that goes in front of his, let him enjoy your beautiful image, if road is crowded, you can pretend to the ground and he brushs a body and pass innocently, do not do conspicuously, walk along outdated to want a face to bring a smile.

7, kiss the other side chats in, unmindful ground (attention: Unmindful, this is the most crucial) on the arm that puts the hand in him, so the best hour that make, it is the meaning that feels after the other side said a zenithal and clever or very rich word you understand; naturally you are in become enamoured, but pay close attention to, must not overdo.

8, orthoptic the other side if you are sitting side by side, the look out when letting him see your shoulder talks only is worn he, this meeting makes the other side feels to be respected.

9, pull the distance close you are done not have necessary get on breathing gush in his tie tie, but also do not leave him 3 feet are far before going up one pace, let him eliminate wariness to you, do not shrink back of course, afore-mentioned place say to just suggest, below specific environment, on specific person, some is very effective, sometimes not applicable find out to you most the conveniently, most successful means, once form,develop your distinctive emotional appeal style, not conservative, hiding assist to wear, sow your glamour everywhere come loose.

Woman most the kongfu on adept bed makes you enrol cannot sustain, the flirting method that you know to the female in sexual life goes up in the bed now, the woman is inSexual loveThe man should be compared when active, their physiology demand is more pressing than the male.