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  Sexual lifeThe safeguard of quality just can enjoy better pleasure, sexual life needs us to undertake the adjustment of oneself sometimes, for instance, do the adjustment with a few proper OK and very good motion our body and mind, conduce to those who raise sex experiencing, to both sides have great profit. Through doing a few proper exercise, can reach the sexual capacity that exercises us, had hadSexual loveThe life is the desire of everybody.

Orgasm of neighbor doctor net

Consider to make clear, the sexual love that right amount body building gives people is cheerful brought a help, because it can adjust function of nerval of human body plant,be, the function that improve internal system and makes pituitary secrete hormone gets clear improvement, make thereby grow in quantity of content of ketone of spermary of hormone of the male inside body, the muscle that sexual desire strengthens; to move to still can enhance feminine abdomen, hip greatly is stretch, the vagina after because labor,reinforcing the tension of vaginal flesh, perineal flesh, change effectively is flabby state, the pleasure of sexual life of this pair of promotional husband and wife is very beneficial.

Proper use kinetic energy aids sexual life to follow harmony

However, athletic excessive or acuteness all make the cortin inside human body, secrete grow in quantity, bring about sex hormone generation to be restrained thereby, cause the hormone inside body to be mixed mussily cause the body and psychological exhaustion, make people finally uninterested to sexual life. So, to the woman, it is important to hold appropriate motion correctly to measure bounds blame to be. Athletic experts suggest, want you only weekly motion 2~4 second, move all the time every time time is in 30 ~ 45 minutes can.

The woman often does 8 kinds of motion to be able to aid orgasm

1, push-up

Push-up can exercise humerus 2 flesh and humerus triceps, this can let the muscle on the arm look very strong and handsome not only, also be adopt male on female next good foundations are laid when next postures. This motion returns what can enhance testosterone to secrete a level, male to increasing woman was about to have main effect. Breath out the discovery of a research of Buddha university college of medicine, after promoting Gao ketone the standard, person satisfaction spends the men and women to be lengthened apparently. To the woman, exercise arm muscle to conduce to an attempt a variety of sexual love postures, if push-up is difficult, choose dumbbell also is pretty good choose.

2, crouch greatly

This kind takes exercise to be able to make leg ministry and coxal muscle close together bear fruit not only, all round the organ of flow direction reproduction that still can make blood smooth, enhance man suddenly to remove degree and woman to lubricate then degree. In addition, crouch greatly to still conduce to the muscle power that enhances control orgasm, include the flowing flesh in basin midriff flesh and system of reproduction of secrete make water among them, this conduces to a man lengthening sexual strength, make feminine vagina constrictive strength is greater.

3, double

Simple double can promote haemal circulation and hematic flow. Because oxygen moves (like double and ran) can rise to be on guard the action of the heart attack, it can be so perfective life quality. The expert thinks, motion having oxygen has two profit, from short-term in light of, it can strengthen a heartbeat, the excitement in enhancing sexual life process is spent. From will for a long time look, kinetic energy of carry having oxygen strengthens people the satisfactory rate to the body and proper pride, and this and sexual function increase to be concerned cheek by jowl, promote people thereby more active have sexual life.

4, carry anus

This is the simplest and significant action that exercises basin heart muscle. Basin heart muscle can control the flow of uric fluid, maintain pelvic cavity organ to be in proper place. Take exercise through this, pubic and coccygeal flesh of the man (call ejaculation flesh again) become strong and strong, the endurance in sexual life process and control capability will be stronger. Feminine vagina will be more close solid, achieve a climax more easily.

5, volleyball

Hit volleyball to exercise cure knowingly follow the example of a wrong-doer to be to coxal muscle and abdominal sarcous apparent, can strengthen the sensitivity of the body and harmonious sex. Sexual love is two people cooperate each other, the campaign that synchronism has, the promotion of body sensitivity and fitness, can let a woman experience the fun of the change between more bed bed.

6, shadowboxing

Shadowboxing, too extremely the sword is the campaign that uses idea guiding to make the thought is centered, conduce to eliminate angst mood, can make spirit and body get relaxation at the same time again. Especially these vivid kinetic energy will be meaning, angry, move 3 person union rises, mix to neurological excitement restrain can achieve effective adjustment action. If the woman holds to an exercise, when sexual love, can better, more the body that controls oneself freelyingly and mood.

7, ran

Ran can produce material of much catechu phenolic amine, strengthen a person to be opposite exciting sensitivity, more conduce to reach a climax. This motion suits the exudation of catechu phenolic amine to measure woman of low-down the turn of life very much.

  8, gem gal

In muscle and ligament extend in pulling, those who experience abdominal to bring is halcyon with smooth, the biggest gain that exercise gem gal brings to feminine function force is adequately experience pleasure, achieve taller sex to wake up condition. If can practice ceaselessly, the woman can lengthen them to gain the opportunity of multiple orgasm.

In fact, want acquired character climax to should let muscle angst rise first, especially leg ministry, abdomen, coxal, answer to maintain angst at the same time. Can try to tighten up these muscle, stretch tight closely, especially basin heart muscle, that part muscle that can use when hold back make water namely. Can quicken blood to flow so, make a person rapid act vigorously of “ sex ” rises, what also can increase pair of men at the same time is exciting.

Apparent, motion can achieve gymnastical result not only, still can make our sexual ability promotes somewhat, this has revolutionary effect to strengthen and improving sexual life quality, hope everybody pays close attention to.